Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Good health could change your life towards a new beginning. But is everyone really blessed with a good health all through his/her life? Well, the answer is a sure No. Despite concerns and measures to keep the well being factor high diseases like cancer have taken a toll on life. Gastric cancer or stomach cancer symptoms develop when cancer spreads into the gut region. Mostly seen in the esophagus, intestine as well as the stomach region, early detection is the key to better prognosis.

Cancer is generally caused due to the mutation of certain genes that further increases the possibility of cancer in our body. However, apart from these genetic causes, there are other reasons that contribute to the development of cancerous growths in our body. Stomach cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in today’s time. Throughout the globe millions of individuals suffer from stomach cancer symptoms, making gastric cancer the second deadly type of cancer. And it is caused by not only genetic mutation, but our dietary habits and the food metabolism also contributes to the overall gastric health. You need to know the signs of this life threatening disease to fight cancer.

The gastric cancer is seen more frequently in men rather than in women. Commonly seen in individuals above 55 year of age, stomach cancer symptoms can make daily life painful. Symptoms of gastric cancer tend to vary from one person to another depending on factors such as their eating habits, body resistance power, etc. Poor eating habits, excessive smoking and drinking habits, polyps and family history could be the reason for cancer.

Ulcers and polyps are involved in causing cancer. Moreover, bacterial infections are also known to cause gastric cancer. Irritated or inflamed stomach lining shows the beginning of tumor formation. The complete functionality of the organ is hampered due to stomach cancer symptoms, leading to other body ailments.

The influence of environment can increase your chances of suffering from such cancerous diseases. The exposure to dust, fumes, molds, and other cancerous agents could put a person to greater risk of suffering from cancer. The following stomach cancer symptoms can be seen in patients during the initial stages:

Gradually the disease progresses to second and third stage if unnoticed and not diagnosed in the early first stage. The severity of stomach cancer symptoms increases with the stage. Health problems could also show the signs similar to the gastric cancer. You need to check with your medical practitioner to eliminate any risk or chances of cancer. The symptoms include the following:

The symptoms are not very specific during the initial stage of cancer. The assessment and symptoms of the disease depend on the stage. A medical practitioner can determine the options available for you once the cancer growth is confirmed.

In the initial stage only the innermost walls show presence of cancerous cells. The stomach cancer symptoms are more prominent in the second stage of cancer when layers of stomach are affected by the timorous formations. Lymph nodes and walls are affected during the advanced stage of cancer.

Soon the cancer reaches muscles and third lining of stomach and spreads to nearby tissues. The last stage is seen when other parts of body show signs of cancer followed by metastasis.

Tests can give you hints about gastric cancer so you start treatment at the earliest. Treatment of cancer is not easy and the most vital part of body is affected leading to many other issues. A CT scan will inform you about stage of cancer. Doctor can analyze the stomach cancer symptoms and condition for proper cure.

If diagnosed in the third stage, prognosis is weak. The final stage leaves no scope of survival or treatment. You should meet your doctor at the earliest, if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms of stomach cancer .

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